Une compagnie naissante de création

HowNow was founded by Florentin Ginot in 2017 to develop artistic formats including new music into scenic forms.

Musical shows

HowNow wishes to bring the music of our time towards scenic forms, in parallel to Dance, contemporary Theater and Circus.

Each project is evolutive, designed In Situ with our local partners.

The relationship some composers have with visual artists allows contemporary music to become a privileged artistic expression for scenic formats developed in shows, through the strength of images and scenographies, as well as the « sound sculpture » with the different possibilities offered by nowadays technologies of spatialization and immersive experiences.

New music | Concerts

The 2017 season of HowNow is conceived for both stimulating a new repertoire and allowing a national and international diffusion.

Through collaborations with composers as Georges Aperghis, Helmut Lachenmann, Liza Lim, Frédéric Pattar, Rebecca Saunders, the season connects various actors of the new music network, and at the same time relates them to local partners (Présences Festival-Radio France, Manifeste Festival,…) and international (Köln Philharmonie, FMCB festival-Sao Paulo,…).

HowNow is trying to stand for young creators by taking into his repertoire works non often performed on the actual scene, and by defending them with its partners and curators during the elaboration of projects. To allow both national and international diffusion of this repertoire is one of our purpose as new projects leader.




Florentin Ginot

Member of Ensemble Musikfabrik (Köln) since 2015, Florentin Ginot graduated from the Paris Conservatory. He is supported by the musical sponsorship of the Banque Populaire Foundation for his projects and recorded a solo CD in 2015 for the « Young Soloist » collection of the Meyer Foundation.

He is dedicated to creation and invention of scenic forms, and works with composers like Helmut Lachenmann, Georges Aperghis, Rebecca Saunders, as well as with dance, theater and contemporary circus by leading multi-disciplinary projects in his company founded in 2017, HowNow.

His solo Not Here will be presented in 2018 at the Kölner Philharmonie, Manifeste Festival (Paris) and Venice Biennale.