Gesicht is a performance – installation, taking place in an empty space, turning it into a platform for exchange with the public. Through a both visual and sound scenography, space immerses the audience in a chaotic universe, composed of white statues, uninterrupted materials falls, evolutive sound installation.

A collaborative project

The project was conceived through an European collaboration. The different steps on writing and production are taking place in Germany, France and Belgium. Through the support of ON-Neue Musik Köln (DE), Walpurgis (BE) and l’Oeil du Silence (FR), Gesicht was able to find an evolutive format, suitable to partners locations, and multi-languages in its approach to show’s texts.

Gesicht evokes human violence and its resonance in the corporeality of statues, performers and finally, of public. By musical, choreographic, visual means, also documentary, the two performers lead the audience in this shared and interactive space, in order to question the beginning of some of violence acts in our history.

The audience enters a world of complex sounds, sand and sculptures with frozen and damaged bodies, to the encounter of two musicians, performers, dancers, alongside uncertain, indistinct human forms.

The sound installation draws an acoustic path while spatializing the soundtrack conceived by Brazilian composer Michelle Agnes, mixing musics by Marin Marais, Rebecca Saunders, Greek Rembetiko to the improvisations of the two performers.

The show is possible in different formats: frontal, tri-frontal, deambulatory and will be designed In Situ with each partners.

Duration : 1h


Conception • Florentin Ginot

Choregraphy • Frédéric Stochl

Sound composition • Michelle Agnès Magalhaes

Stage and statues design • Alissa Maestracci

Performance • Frédéric Stochl & Florentin Ginot


A HowNow production, supported by Kunststiftung NRW, in partnership with ON-Neue-Musik-Köln