Support artistic creation and transmission

At each step of our musical, scenic or pedagogical work, it is essential for us to build long-term relationships with the individuals and partners who support us, in a common dynamic with our social and economic environment.

The support that represents the contribution of our benefactors and sponsors is essential to the development of our artistic creation’s activities as well as allowing an international diffusion to a wider audience, starting with young and future generations.


The circle of donors of HowNow is composed of private individuals wishing to encourage creations and the development of the company through a yearly support.

  • He/she is informed of our activities throughout the year.
30 € / Annual giving
10 € / Annual giving (-30, unemployed, seniors)


Patron & Corporate sponsorship

If you want to support HowNow on a specific project or an on-going creation, you can become patron of the company, and thus privileged partner of our research.

  • Patrons and Corporations can be named on the website of HowNow.
  • They have the possibility to follow the development of the project.
  • They are invited to the Premiere of the project(s) they support.
1000 € or more


Skill-based sponsorship | Corporations

The contribution with specific expertises of certain entreprises in order to improve the skills of our crew.

  • The partner enterprise can be named on the website of HowNow (logo, short presentation).


We deliver a receipt which allows you reducing your taxes, depending on your country’s policy.

For more informations, contact us :